MasSpec PenTM

MasSpec Pen is a hand-held device used to directly analyze tissue samples and other materials.

Our Platform

A “touch-n-know” approach to molecular analysis

  • User friendly, hand-held device

  • Non-destructive analysis

  • No labels or contrast agents

  • No change in surgical workflow

  • Disposable & biocompatible

Droplet of a biocompatible solution is delivered to the tissue or other surface

Molecules are extracted from the surface into the droplet

Droplet containing extracted molecules  is delivered to the mass spectrometer

Our Platform

A “plug-n-play” research platform for direct molecular analysis

MasSpec PenTM

A sample is directly analyzed using a hand-held MasSpec Pen that is connected to a mass spectrometer

Mass Spectrometer

Discrete molecular profiles are converted into actionable data using intuitive software powered by AI/ML algorithms.

Decision Support

Results are presented in real-time to the user for decision support

More Use Cases

Our technology scales across industries

Get faster time-to-results with the MasSpec Pen

Food Authentication
Clinical Microbiology
Pharma / Biotech
Manufacturing QA / QC
Clinical Research
Clinical Toxicology
Scientific Evidence

We have a growing body of scientific publications and clinical data

Peer-reviewed publications

Lung cancer impact:

* Science Translational Medicine, 2017